Starting over

I love all my followers so I wanted to direct you to my new blog. Please follow me over there! I was having several issues that were not being resolved on this blog such as my posts were "disappearing". So I decided to try starting a completely new one and see if that helped to get rid of that problem.

My new blog is Please follow me there...I do appreciate that you have followed me here and would love for you to continue on my journey!!

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

As for me....

I did not enjoy that Hubby was into grilling several nights last week so that I didn't have to worry about making dinner. I always thoroughly enjoy making meals for my family every night.

I did not let my boys go without a bath after going swimming cause I was too tired to deal with it. I did not tell them that since they were in water already they were ok. I know that they needed the chlorine washed off them and would not do such a thing!

I did not tell Hubby that I was only a little excited about my upcoming trip. I didn't want him to feel like I would not miss him while I was gone for 3 weeks. (Not that I won't but I am just a little more than excited to go also!)

I do not have only 7 short days left with a million things to get done!!!

What have you not done this last week??

Where oh where have I been??

Wow I can't believe it has been so long since I last posted!! Goodness!! Where are my priorities around here?? So I have been going to water aerobics (yay me!!), helping SIL paint her new house, being a mommy, helping SIL paint, mowing grass. Yeah I have been busy to say the least!! Not to mention also watching my niece in there too, but she is soooo easy she doesn't really count.

I really wanted to post my Not Mes! on Monday but that didn't happen so I will save them for next Monday. I have a couple good ones too!

We have 5 days of 2nd grade left for Tanner! I am going to have a 3rd grader, that is just crazy to me!!!

Please pray for MckMama and Baby Stellan as he has had some SVT and bradycardiac this evening while at home. Pray that it gets back under control and that they don't have to go to the hospital again!

Happy Friday!! 10 days to go...

After the rough weekend last weeekend and the rough week I am glad it is Friday!! One of my old Managers calls to day "Hawaiian Friday". He has the tradition to wear a Hawaiian shirt on Fridays. So Happy Hawaiian Shirt Friday!!

I am excited to go visit a friend out of town tonight for the evening, just us girls!! I am leaving Hubby here with 3 kids (our 2 and niece) and she will be leaving her Hubby with their daughter. I have not gotten to visit her for a long time so it is much needed "girl time" for both of us. We are planning to go to dinner and a movie. Should be fun!!

Besides tonight, not sure of what other plans there are for the weekend. I will have 3 kids so we will see what fun and exciting things will take place!!

There is only 10 days left of 2nd grade left for Tanner! I still am not sure if he is totally excited about that or not yet. I think it is a little of yes and no. I know he is excited for our long vacation back home to CO this summer!!

Have a nice weekend everyone!!

Sick Day for me...13 left of 2nd grade

Today was one of the few sick days I have taken in the almost 10 years of my married life. By that I mean that I laid around most of the day and let Hubby deal with the boys. It all started Sun with sinuses hurting and just not feeling well. I fought it all day Monday but by evening time I was pretty miserable. Having fibromyalgia makes being sick with anything else multiplied by ALOT! The short version of what I feel like with fibromyalgia is like when you have the flu and your muscles ache. That is what I feel like daily...some days are better than others. I do take medicines daily to help keep the pain under control. Two of the 4 medicines I take I can NOT live without!! So anyway back to being sick...usually when I get sick with a cold or whatever it may be, I just keep going and doing the things that a Mommy/wife do everyday. Not last night and today, I went to bed early and laid around watching tv/playing on the laptop most of today. I can say that this evening I am feeling MUCH better than last night and I am so glad. I am not one to just "lay around" so it started to drive me crazy by evening time. I did get up and feed the boys dinner, do some dishes and give the boys a bath. After I took their bath I told Hubby I was back off duty for the rest of the evening/night. He was so sweet and stayed home with me today to help with the boys!! Can we say "Aww..."?? I should be back up and running again tomorrow!

We have 13 days left of 2nd grade! I can't tell if Tanner is excited or not?? He does this reading program at school and isn't making his goal that he wanted to so it seems he doesn't want the year to be over. I have encouraged him to do the summer reading program at the public library to help improve his reading skills even more. I am glad he wants to complete these things and try to encourage him in anyway I can to do better next year as well. He has a few goals already for 3rd grade, its gonna be a busy year! We really encourage setting goals and working hard as you can to reach them. Speaking of...I plan to get back to water aerobics tomorrow evening...I really tried to feel better enough to go tonight but didn't get there.

Not Me! Monday

Welcome back to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did NOT have Tanner miss his field trip to have his tooth pulled and cavities filled!

I did NOT have a breakdown due to running out of patience for children constantly fighting and therefore want to run away...(if I did do that I would like to know how these other blog Mom's do it??)

I did NOT decide that these ants in my house are my friends since I can't get them to go away!!

I did NOT get excited when Logan said he was ready for bed at 8:00. I would NOT be happy to have a quiet night and get to bed early.

What have you not done this week??

Rain, Rain Go Away...

I don't like to sound like a hypacrite but enough already! It has rained for so many days in a row that I have lost count. I am one to usually like rain and I really do but not for days and days on end. And while I am is going to be cold this weekend again! There has not been a nice weekend in weeks, it is either cold or raining or both!

K now that I got all that complaining off my classes have not been going so well and it has really gotten me down! It's ok though, I am going back at it strong as of Mon night! I have got to do this for myself!! I would like to just go swim on my own this weekend but don't know if that will work out or not...we will see I guess!

Tanner completed his last race of this school year tonight. It was a little harder for him since the air was so thick plus at the end of the day rather than 1st thing in the morning. He still did well and most of all he was out there! I am proud of him for wanting to be involved in running them. It bums me to not be running along with him but oh well...nothing I can do to change it right now. I am going to encourage him to try jogging for 15-20 mins everyday to get in the habit of regular exercise. We have been walking everyday cause Logan likes riding his bike. I will get there however slow it may be going, I will get there!

Now onto the weekend...not sure what it is going to involve, hope it goes well! Just a few more of Logan's cute pics (can you tell I really liked these??) These are him counting to 3...