Sick Day for me...13 left of 2nd grade

Today was one of the few sick days I have taken in the almost 10 years of my married life. By that I mean that I laid around most of the day and let Hubby deal with the boys. It all started Sun with sinuses hurting and just not feeling well. I fought it all day Monday but by evening time I was pretty miserable. Having fibromyalgia makes being sick with anything else multiplied by ALOT! The short version of what I feel like with fibromyalgia is like when you have the flu and your muscles ache. That is what I feel like daily...some days are better than others. I do take medicines daily to help keep the pain under control. Two of the 4 medicines I take I can NOT live without!! So anyway back to being sick...usually when I get sick with a cold or whatever it may be, I just keep going and doing the things that a Mommy/wife do everyday. Not last night and today, I went to bed early and laid around watching tv/playing on the laptop most of today. I can say that this evening I am feeling MUCH better than last night and I am so glad. I am not one to just "lay around" so it started to drive me crazy by evening time. I did get up and feed the boys dinner, do some dishes and give the boys a bath. After I took their bath I told Hubby I was back off duty for the rest of the evening/night. He was so sweet and stayed home with me today to help with the boys!! Can we say "Aww..."?? I should be back up and running again tomorrow!

We have 13 days left of 2nd grade! I can't tell if Tanner is excited or not?? He does this reading program at school and isn't making his goal that he wanted to so it seems he doesn't want the year to be over. I have encouraged him to do the summer reading program at the public library to help improve his reading skills even more. I am glad he wants to complete these things and try to encourage him in anyway I can to do better next year as well. He has a few goals already for 3rd grade, its gonna be a busy year! We really encourage setting goals and working hard as you can to reach them. Speaking of...I plan to get back to water aerobics tomorrow evening...I really tried to feel better enough to go tonight but didn't get there.