Where oh where have I been??

Wow I can't believe it has been so long since I last posted!! Goodness!! Where are my priorities around here?? So I have been going to water aerobics (yay me!!), helping SIL paint her new house, being a mommy, helping SIL paint, mowing grass. Yeah I have been busy to say the least!! Not to mention also watching my niece in there too, but she is soooo easy she doesn't really count.

I really wanted to post my Not Mes! on Monday but that didn't happen so I will save them for next Monday. I have a couple good ones too!

We have 5 days of 2nd grade left for Tanner! I am going to have a 3rd grader, that is just crazy to me!!!

Please pray for MckMama and Baby Stellan as he has had some SVT and bradycardiac this evening while at home. Pray that it gets back under control and that they don't have to go to the hospital again!