Happy Friday!! 10 days to go...

After the rough weekend last weeekend and the rough week I am glad it is Friday!! One of my old Managers calls to day "Hawaiian Friday". He has the tradition to wear a Hawaiian shirt on Fridays. So Happy Hawaiian Shirt Friday!!

I am excited to go visit a friend out of town tonight for the evening, just us girls!! I am leaving Hubby here with 3 kids (our 2 and niece) and she will be leaving her Hubby with their daughter. I have not gotten to visit her for a long time so it is much needed "girl time" for both of us. We are planning to go to dinner and a movie. Should be fun!!

Besides tonight, not sure of what other plans there are for the weekend. I will have 3 kids so we will see what fun and exciting things will take place!!

There is only 10 days left of 2nd grade left for Tanner! I still am not sure if he is totally excited about that or not yet. I think it is a little of yes and no. I know he is excited for our long vacation back home to CO this summer!!

Have a nice weekend everyone!!