Water Aerobics & Misc Chatter

Yay I LOVE water aerobics!! I have never enjoyed working out before. WOW....I am amazed. So I went last night (Tues) night for the 1st time and really liked it. (Can ya tell??) I woke up this morning a little more stiff than usual and sore. It's ok though because that just tells me that it is helping! I am excited to go again tomorrow night! It will be so much easier to "make time" to go now that I know how enjoyable it is. There is no breaking a sweat or muscles hurting while exercising. And on top of all that the rest of the "class" was very welcoming and friendly. Just going the 1st time is what I was most nervous about as I am not exactly the most outgoing person. Everyone was nice and made sure I understood what to do. I am very happy that I took the step to go forward with joining!!

Not much else happening...just trying to help Tanner hang in there for 3 weeks and 2 days longer!! He is so close but feels so far away. This year has been a little tougher on him since it is more "serious" work than playing. He does well just has a few issues to work out. Overall I am proud of him and he gets good grades. He is particapting in his 4th race Fri night with his school. His goal next year is to particapate in all of them. He really enjoys running in them. Last Sat he ran in the Zarrow Run and was the 4th person across the finish line for the 1K fun run. His time was 4 mins 58 secs!! He was in 1st place until the last few yards when he just didn't have the breath to keep going and had to slow down a little. He was so proud, as was his Mommy!! Of course of all races this was the one I didn't take the camera! I will be sure to Fri night and maybe he will do good. This one is the 1 mile so we will see. I am proud of him for wanting to be fit, we really talk to him about it! His dream is to be an NFL football player when he grows up, so enforcing exercise now is pretty big for that dream!

Logan got his 3 year pics done a week or so ago and we got them back...here are a few of the cute pics he took! It was so hard as I loved them all!!

This one is Hubby's Fav