4 Weeks Left and Counting

There are 4 weeks left of school for this year. My oldest will be moving on up to the 3rd grade! Not sure what to think of that, still is hard to believe that I have a child that old! He is excited for summer, I don't even have to ask him!

This weekend wasn't nearly as busy or eventful as the last few have been, which was nice. I am still just as wore out but taking care of kids and cleaning house does that to me!! It was nice to be more home bound than we have been. I wanted to go to the park or something today but was a little afraid to because I thought it was "supposed" to rain. It would look like it was going to rain and then the sun would come out. It did this the whole day! Oh well I was able to get things done at home and just have a low key time.

Time for another week but on a plus side I am excited to get to water aerobics this week!! My goal is to start tomorrow evening!!