Please Pray for another little guy- Gavin

Pray for Gavin

I was catching up on my regular blogs I read and saw that poor little Gavin at Masto Mama's Chronicles had to be taken to the hospital today for an emergency endoscopy due to blood work showing internal bleeding. This poor little guy has had several issues in the short life he has had. Head over to her blog by clicking Here and leave this family a comment!

While my heart is heavy for this little guy and what he has to deal with, I am glad to say that my little guy is on the mend! He was pretty much back to himself today and had no ear pain!! Hooray for antibiotics!! I also am proud to say that he is potty trained during the day as of 2 weeks now!! Go Logan....and he isn't even 3 yet (can you tell that I am proud??) LOL

This weekend is looking pretty busy but should be nice since the spring weather is coming back for a little while. Hubby wants to get some things straightened up in the garage and build another shelf unit for storing things. This next week will be busy getting the house cleaned and back in order as Hubby has a really good friend from CO coming to visit next weekend. He doesn't think we need to get the house cleaned for his friend, but well I do!

Keep praying for these little guys that are in the hospital, it all helps.