Life with 3 kids...Spring Cleaning

My weekend has been busy to say the least!! I am keeping my niece all weekend who is 1 1/2 years old, life with 3 kids isn't bad I must say. After having Logan I think adding anyone would seem easier. It is not good cause I really want a little girl so seeing that having 3 all the time isn't so bad makes me really want another....oh well. There is NO way I could convince Hubby to have one more!

We have also been cleaning clutter out of the house and spring cleaning all weekend! Hubby took all his hot wheels and baseball cards to the garage and made a home for them out there!! Now my room isn't cluttered with it or some of the closets. I am so happy but have no idea what to do with all the extra space! I am of course now deep cleaning everywhere and love it! Hubby has a friend coming to visit from CO next weekend so I want the house to be clean!

I will try to post pics this evening of all 3 kiddos...not sure where Hubby put the camera right now.