Ear Aches Make Lovely Days

I was so kindly woken up at 5 am this morning with Logan crying his ear hurt. I tried to get him to take some tylenol hoping it would help until the Dr office opened. He was in the mood that he wasn't taking anything, so I knew at that point it was going to be a rough day! I dealt with the crying, tried in the calmest ways to get him to take something for the pain until his appointment. I get him to the Dr, the nurse and Dr both tried to get him to take something as he was still crying. I felt really bad but also knew if he would take something he would feel better. Finally with the Dr helping to hold him down we were able to get some down him and what happens about 15 mins later??

........oh are you guessing that he felt better?? Well yeah he did! We were able to go get his medicine filled (which included ear drops for pain so I didn't have to fight with taking something.) And the rest of the day has been MUCH better! He has taken tylenol and his antibiotic without a fight at all! Totally different child!!

It was a stressful, tiring, tense morning! My muscles were hurting so bad and I was so tired after all that was over! I can't imagine what he must have felt like!! My muscles can't handle all that intense stress plus carrying him and holding him all that time. But we both made it through and had a nice 2 hour nap this afternoon.

I was able to get all my things ready for the children's consignment sale this weekend! The next few days are action packed, glad we got the ear ache thing out of the way!! Between dropping the stuff off, parent teacher conference, cleaning the house, watching my niece, cleaning out the garage....I don't think I am going to be bored!

Now if the spring time weather would come around things would be just lovely!! Where are you warm weather??