Not Me! Monday...Weekend Review

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what everyone else have not been doing this week.

Please continue to keep MckMama and her family in your prayers as Baby Stellan is still in the hospital with his heart issue.

It is Not Me that now has a 3 year old!! My baby most certainly is NOT that old already!!

It is Not Me that is too tired to think of what I did not do this last week.....sorry.

My weekend was very busy and action packed! Hubby had a friend come visit from CO for a few days, so me and the boys were hanging out together most of the weekend.

Fri my friend, who also babysits Logan for me, had a mini party for Logan and a mini Easter party. I was at her house all day helping with those activities. It was alot of fun. Logan got a Cars cake and thought it was neat. We also helped the kids color eggs and then do an egg hunt for them. They all had a really good time.

Sat I had my niece for the day. That day started with Tanner running in the "fun run" for the "Fit for Fun" race. He really feels good about himself for participating in those races. He ran it with his school, it was in support of PE programs for the area elementary schools. He was proud to have finished it by himself in 11 mins 09 secs. Here is the proud runner...

I am very proud of my "active" child!! He is helping motivate me...isn't that a little backwards?? Oh well...whatever works right??

Sat afternoon me and the 3 kids went to the mall to shop and play in the play area. I was on a mission to find a "Hawaiian" shirt for Logan to get his 3 year old pictures done in. I didn't find one at the mall but did at Target! (Now to just be able to find the right shorts to match) The kiddos had lots of fun, so much fun that it all wore Logan out...

Then that evening after taking my niece back to her Mommy, the boys and I went to Incredible Pizza and had more fun. It was an action packed day! I had NO trouble getting them to sleep that night!!

Sun was a little more laid back...Logan and I left early that morning to go to wonderful Wal-Mart with my SIL and niece. I then brought my niece back to my house for the afternoon. SIL and her friend/roommate came over that evening for some yummy spaghetti.

And that is just all the fun that we had, that doesn't include all that Hubby and his friend did! It was a busy weekend! I then had to clean 2 places today and this evening got to join Hubby and his friend at dinner out with no kiddos!!

See why I am too tired to think of my Not Me's! Plus today is the "official" day that Logan turned 3!! While it seems sad that he is that old, it isn't all bad. He has gotten to be easier to deal with day in and day out so that is awesome!! The last 3 years have been....let's just say "intense"! Glad he has mellowed out....finally!!