Lil Sis...Random Happenings

To add to my previous post about Lil is a pic of my beautiful Lil Sis!!

She is truly awesome!! I love her, can you tell?? And with that being said, leads to the last few days (ok maybe week) for me...I have been :( I have had an esp hard time and not sure, as always, exactly why. I have come to realize 2 things, #1 being that holidays, birthdays...all those things are just hard for me. No matter how much I mentally try to prepare for it, it always hits me out of nowhere. #2 being that I really don't think I am going to truly be content and happy unless I am living near my family. It is just so so hard for me to be away from them. Yeah they are all a phone call away and goodness knows I have been using the phone lately! But I am more of a family person than that, I "need" to be around them. I want to go shopping with my Aunt and sisters like other families do. I want family to come to my son's activities. Ok I could go on and on...have I said before that I miss my family??

Besides all that, I have been spring cleaning and getting ready for Hubby's buddy from CO to come visit this lovely weekend. It has all gotten done (well not all done but as done as it is getting for this weekend.) And as of about an hour ago now, Hubby's good buddy is here safely in OK. I have told Hubby that I plan to keep to myself with my kids for the weekend to give him time with his friend. I hope they get to have a nice weekend!

I am also proud to say that Tanner is running bright and early in the morning in a race here in town to kick of "getting fit!" Let's just hope it isn't freezing in the morning as I have to wait for him to come back across the finish line. I will also have my niece with me bright and early so with that being said......I think I will be off to bed. My kiddos went to sleep WAY to easy tonight so I need to take full advantage of relaxing and resting. I would say I may have a pic of Tanner running across the finish line but unfortunately I am not that great of a picture taker so can't promise anything.

(In 2 days my baby will be 3!......3 I am telling you......where did the last 3 years go???)