Not Me! Monday

This wonderful Monday confessional was started by MckMama, who is still dealing with her sick baby Stellan. You can visit her blog here and let her know you are thinking of her, Stellan and her family. Not only have they been dealing with Stellan in the PICU for SVT but the other 3 kiddos at home have been sick with the flu as well. They have been through alot and through it all she is still an inspiration!

So on to what I didn't do this week....

It was Not Me that made Logan throw up in the Dr office last Wed because I had to force tylenol down his throat to help relieve his ear pain.

It was Not Me that decided to ask for an additional child all weekend as well as spring clean at the same time! I know better than to tackle all that at the same time certainly.

It was Not Me that had to break it down to Hubby how a puppy right now isn't a good idea for the 2nd time!

And last for this is Not Me that has the greatest in-laws a person could want!

Just like I promised to post last night (but of course didn't) here is a pic of the 3 kiddos this weekend. It was kinda hard to get them to all 3 sit still and look at the camera, much less smile at the same time!