Happy 16th Birthday Lil Sis

Today is a special day for my Lil Sis...she is turning the big 16!! This should be a special day for her and I hope it was!! I have to say though, that I have truly missed her today. I mean I miss her everyday but not being with her on her special day was even harder! There have been plenty water works over here that is for sure! But she seemed pretty happy so that means alot to me. She is pretty excited of her new bed she is getting (or got, not sure). I am excited for her! She is also having a little party Sat with some friends that should be fun for her too! I have promised her to be there this summer to bother her for awhile. LOL

I was going to post a very cute picture of her but it is on Hubby's laptop who is not home and is not answering his phone....so that will have to wait...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Lil Sis!
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!