Joined A Gym

Well I did it!! I joined a gym so that I can start taking water aerobic classes!! I am so excited to get started (once I get pasted the nervousness of the 1st time) and hope to soon see or feel so great results!

But before I can attend a class I have to buy the dreaded "fat" swimming suit! I am using it as motiviation to not have to wear it long cause I need a "smaller" size. I am trying to stay really positive about all of this so that I do well with it. I have joined a gym before and it didn't get too far but this time I plan to stay with it. So today I am off to make that purchase and be ready to attend class Mon evening!!

I have to give the credit for helping me make this last step to actually joining to my wonderful "Bro". I was texting him the other day and he was talking about how he was joining a gym and gonna get "buff". I figured after all he had been through the last 4 years and he is taking the steps now to better himself, that there is no reason I couldn't. So thanks "bro" for that last shove to get this done!!!

I also am motivated by Mom....she would be so happy and proud that we both are doing this for ourselves!! I have come to terms with if I don't take care of me, who is?? Mom was always into exercising and trying to be healthy. I can just hear her words if I could call her and tell her that I joined and am going to take those classes!

So I am dedicated to this...not only for me but for Mom and my "bro"! I hope when I see him in July that I will have lost some pounds and toned some muscles. Now off to shop for a swimming suit!!