Man oh man have I been suffering for a day now!! Allergies started bothering me all of a sudden just before bed Mon night, kept me up most of the night and all day today! It has really made me feel rotten. No allergy medicine is helping...ugh!! Anyway....had to gripe about that for a minute...I feel better now!

I have had a relaxing evening finally!! Hubby had to work late, Tanner was outside playing with friends, Logan went to bed at 6:45 pm!!! I did a little picking up, dishes, load of laundry, applied a clay mask to my face, talked to my Aunt on phone....had a nice evening! I have been needing some slower paced, quiet time for a little while now, so it was very nice! I am now ready for bed but felt the need to get on here and ramble for a minute! I am really getting into blogging...can ya tell??

I have been trying to make some concrete plans for going back "home" to CO for awhile this summer! I am so so ready to go back and be with family for awhile.

On another Stellan did really well with his surgery today! I did wear an orange shirt in honor of him as well! Hope on over to MckMama to see what his happening with Stellan and let her know you are praying for them!