Not Me Monday

Prayers for Stellan

Before I start my Not Me's, I wanted to remind you to please keep this precious baby in your prayers!! His wonderful Mama is MckMama and she is the one who start Not Me Monday!

It was Not Me who prayed several times this last week about this precious baby and his family!

It was also Not Me who cried reading updates and tweets from MckMama about this precious baby!

It was Not Me who was able to get my almost 3 year old potty trained during the day last week as well as get out of a "Big Boy" party by buying Hot Wheel tracks instead!!

It was Not Me who lost my "cool" with this daytime potty trained, almost 3 year old at 5:00 in the morning because he had been whining and crying about something or another for over 2 hours. I am always able to keep myself together and composed as well as solve all issues with my kids at any hour of the day.

It was Not Me who thought about how blessed I am to have my kids healthy while thinking about what MckMama must be going through right now.

It was also Not Me who made sure to hug my kids a little more regardless of how much they danced on my nerves and be thankful for having them healthy to give those hugs back to me.