Busy Weekend

This weekend was pretty busy for me but it was nice. I still am working on trying to slow down but it is quit a challenge for me! I am trying to find the balance with my fibromyalgia and being OCD about my house. I used to always be able to keep up with the house, take care of the kids and not be stressed out....not so much now! I can't get it together at all lately it seems to me. Having fibromyalgia is hard cause I can't do all the things in a day that I used to. I want to still do those things but my energy and muscle pain makes that really hard. So anyway, I am working on that...

The weekend started with Fri being Logan's 3 year old pic day. He did a really good job with them, I was very proud since he has always been very difficult to take pictures of. This is the outfit and maybe even one of his smiles he did, its a for sure "Logan face"!

The rest of the day was spent shopping and picking up things from Craigslist (I love finding good deals on there!!) Logan got this...
Well the frame which is kind of hard to see in this picture. It is blue metal headboard and footboard for twin size bed. We shopped for his Cars sheets that you see. After I got it all made, he just had to get in it and pretend to sleep! The other thing we also got was
And even though it was raining off and on all day, he still had to try it out. You can see his little one in the background. I have been wanting to get him a bike because he loves riding his little one but is kind of hard cause it is getting little and has no brakes. This one was a crazy deal that I could not pass up! He didn't know how to use the brakes and even kept wanting to push back for whatever reason at first. But Big Brother was there to help him out!
That was all just Fri! (See how I am tired?) Sat was spent at home all day doing the usual cleaning and laundry for me. Hubby hung out at home as well. That evening all 4 of us and my SIL, her friend, and niece all went out to eat at this awesome Chicago based restaurant. It was a pretty good time considering the little ones were really hungry then by the time our food came they were done with sitting at the table. All in all was a nice time! I love being with family so just enjoyed being together!

Then today was hanging out at home all day as well. I tried to take it easy, Hubby was even constantly reminding me but it didn't work too well. I would try to sit but then get bored and get up to do something. When you are a Mom there seems to always be something to do! It was a nice but busy (at least for me even if it was my own fault).

Please also keep Baby Stellan and Gavin in your prayers! They are still in the hospital dealing with sicknesses of their own! Poor little guys...keep them and their families in your thoughts and prayers!