Spring Break So Far...

My poor Tanner has not had that exciting of a spring break :( I hope that it is going to get better now for him. He hasn't complained one bit about it, but I feel bad as his Mom. He has gotten a few days of "Mom" time which is something that doesn't get to happen too often so I guess that isn't bad. He also got to get a new playstation game last weekend so that probably made his week! It has been pretty low key so far this week, nothing too exciting has happened. It has gone like this:

Last weekend- him, Logan and I went shopping
Mon- him and I went to lunch and did a little shopping
Tues- we hung out at home (I wasn't feeling good)
Wed- he went with me while I cleaned 2 homes

Tomorrow we are planning to go to the zoo, which is probably more exciting for Logan but he likes to go too. We are also taking my niece (their cousin) and my friend with her 2 boys. It should be fun! It is not supposed to be as warm as it has been the last 2 days but it will still be nice. I enjoy going to walk around and watching Logan check out the animals. He loves going!

I am not sure what the plan is for the weekend exactly other than Hubby doesn't have to work so that is exciting!! He has to work every other weekend so on the one that he doesn't is pretty exciting for us.

That is poor Tanner's spring break so far! I hope to feel better about it by the end of the week or at least feel that I was able to get something done at home (which I have not been able to yet by the way!!) I am feeling a ton better than I was yesterday so that is a huge improvement! i have not felt as bad as I did yesterday in a long time and hope it doesn't happen again for a long time!!