Spring Break Comes to An End

So I guess Spring Break didn't turn out to be so bad after all! Thurs we went to the zoo and had a nice time looking at the animals. The weather was on the cooler side from Tues and Wed but not too cool. It was almost perfect for being outside all day. I took my niece with us and she had fun riding in the wagon all day. Here she is with the boys.

After we got back from the zoo, Hubby decided to take the boys to play basketball at the park. I followed along because I figured Logan would do more playing on the playground than staying at the basketball court. He proved me wrong, he wanted to be big and play basketball with Dad like Bubba was. It was really cute to watch! He would get the ball and try to shoot it. He didn't care that he really couldn't, he was happy to be playing. After basketball, Hubby helped me make tacos for dinner then we all made a trip to Wal-Mart. After shoppping, the boys were pretty tired from their busy day!! There wasn't a single issue about going to bed!!

Today Tanner spent the morning with his Grandpa while Logan and I went to Target. This afternoon we spent it at home, the boys played outside while I finally got the house clean!! This evening Hubby and I went out for a little while and did some shopping. Hubby got some shirts to wear to work and shoes that he has needed for awhile! The boys hung out with Grandpa again. Grandpa is a favorite around here!! It was a nice day!!

Logan has decided to make the next step to being a "Big Boy"!! He wore "big boy" pants all day and evening!! He has been wearing them at home for me but not when we went somewhere. He wore them to the store and even kept them dry while napping and hanging out with Grandpa!! He has a little calendar that he gets to put a sticker on each day he wears them all day until April 4th when he will have a "Big Boy" party!! I wasn't sure if he would be potty trained by the time he turned 3 (on the 13th of April) or not but it is looking pretty good now!! Let's hope he keeps it up while going to his babysitter's and Mimi's.

Not sure what the weekend will bring, I am sure some basketball playing for the boys. I hope to get to do a little shopping for me some clothes. I also have a sale coming up in 2 weeks that I am consigning for so I need to get my stuff ready.

Spring Break turned out to not be so bad after all...now it is back at it til the end of the year!