Prayer Request...Potty Training

I am taking a break this week from Not Me Monday this week. Please keep Baby Stellan in your prayers as he is having troubles with his heart. My prayers are with him and his family!

Logan and his potty training is going alright, yesterday was a rough day. I was worried it would be as he spent the day with his babysitter rather than with me or Hubby. He had a few accidents but we are still going at it. Of course I bring him home last night and he was fine while at home. Stubborn boy I tell ya!! He will get it though....I think he can, I think he can!! I am still proud of him that he isn't 3 yet and is getting there. Although he isn't 3 yet you can't tell that by his "I can do it" attitude to everything! He is so independent now.

It was back to school yesterday although Tanner didn't make was a rough night the night before for him. He had a bad dream I guess and couldn't go back to sleep. He had to wake me up of course to let me know that as well as Logan had to get me up another time so it was a rough night all around. Then I wake up WAY late yesterday morning. I had to get to a house that I clean on Mon mornings so told Hubby to deal with getting Tanner up and to school. Well that didn't happen, so Tanner got to rest yesterday. He is back this morning though and knows this isn't happening again! So we are officially back at school again til the end of the year.

Ok I am off now to catch up on my blogs I read then must get my stuff ready for a consignment sale that is coming up really fast!! Here is hoping that Logan continues to do well with potty training and that Baby Stellan will get well!