Big Boy Tracks

The potty training has gone really well!! WAY better than I had expected it too that is for sure!! I am so proud of Mr Logan. He is doing really well when he is with me, we just have to continue working on when he is with his babysitter. He doesn't want to really go if he isn't with me for whatever reason. We have been talking to Logan about having a "Big Boy" party all week but on Wed he informed me that he didn't want a party. He said he wanted to get this big Hot Wheels track that he has been wanting instead. He told me all this on his own, it wasn't even an option to him. So yesterday I had to make what seems like my daily trip to Wal-Mart and again he said he wanted to get the track again instead of a party. Now I do get that he is almost 3 and probably doesn't understand what a "party" means. But I did some thinking and when Hubby got home from work talked to him about it...and we agreed that getting him this track that he LOVES and talks about ALL the time would be way cheaper than a party. So it was off to Toys R Us to see what they had. We got home, dropped Hubby and Logan off to start building tracks while Tanner and I went to get some dinner. After all building was done we had this....

This is the big one "Drop Force"

And the Dinosaur one "Backbone Slide"

Now my living room that is just cleaned and got all toys out of, is full of Hot Wheel tracks!! Hubby calls it the track room! I am still wondering where my space in this house is...but when you live with 3 boys I guess you don't get much "girly" space!! Oh well...I wouldn't trade it for the world!!