In Loving Memory of Grandpa

Today is the day, 4 years ago, that we lost Grandpa to his battle with cancer. Cancer, as we all know, is a very hard disease to fight. I have to say though that Grandpa put up a really tough fight for 2 years! He endured alot and even lived through West Nile that we were sure he would not come back from. He had a will to live, that I have not personally experience with anyone else in my life! He loved life, he lived it to the fullest and loved his family and friends more than anything else! He was a pretty awesome Grandpa if I must say so myself! I was the oldest grandchild and there are 6 behind me that will tell you he was a pretty awesome grandpa. Grandpa always had a smile on his face when he saw us and always welcomed us with open arms to get a hug when we came in the door! Oh...and you didn't get out the door to leave without a hug either. Grandpa had a very very positive attitude and he had a great deal of patience as well. He gave that to Mom and I wish they would have shared some with me cause I could really use some more in my life.

I was very fortunate to have lots of great memories with Grandpa. I was fortunate to be able to be involved and help him while he fought his cancer. I helped my Mom as often and in anyway I could to take care of him throughout the 2 years of his battle. I made sure to play lots of card games with him and my family as that was something that brought him great happiness. For about a year, every weekend I drove 2 hours one-way to Mom's to be able to come visit Grandpa and play cards with him. I would get there on Fri evening and every Sat afternoon/evening we would play cards. We played until Grandpa could not hold his eyes open anymore and then Hubby, Tanner and I would drive our 2 hour drive home to be ready for Hubby to work on Mon morning again. It was worth every minute of that trip to have those memories with Grandpa!!

At the end of his battle, when he was too sick to be able to play cards anymore; we would play in his room (he was in the nursing home at this point) all hours of the night and he would sleep more peaceful then than when we would stay with him and try to sleep! We know he was happy knowing we were there playing cards and having fun while keeping him company!!

I could make this post go on and on with different memories and thoughts on Grandpa but for now I think I will end here. He is still in my heart and thoughts always!! He is still very much loved by his family. Him and his daughter are some of the greatest people...sad that cancer had to take both their lives.

I hope that there is one day that a cure is found for this very very awful disease so that such great people don't have to lose their wonderful life to it any longer! I continue to support any and all cancer research I can due to the many many wonderful people suffering and that have suffered from it.

Please also continue to keep Baby Stellan in your prayers....from the few tweets MckMama sent today it doesn't sound that he had a very good day. This sweet baby is 5 months old as of today. You can read about him at MckMama's blog (click her name and it will take you to her blog).