Me... Addicted??

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I actually was afraid it was going to be higher and not because I am addicted to posting as you can see!! The reason I don't get to post as much as I would like to is because I spend my extra time reading other's posts!! I usually read it at night before bed and by the time I am done reading, I am too tired to post on my own. Which of course makes me upset because I really want to post. It is just a vicious cycle! So I think I am going to post first then read and see how that goes for me!!

I must say that I am certainly enjoying this very nice weather that we have had the last few days!! I am hoping that it stays around now but do realize it is only the beginning of March and that there is still time for cold to come back. But I will take it while it is here!! I have been wanting to get out to our garage and go through some of our "stuff" out there as I am getting ready to take stuff to the kid's consignment sale coming in the next few weeks. I want to get as much out of there as I can plus I can't remember what baby/kids stuff is out there. I do know that it is pretty full of "stuff" that needs to be dealt with....I just don't want to have a garage sale to do it!! Well I guess I should say that a garage sale doesn't do good at the location I am at. Anyway hopefully tomorrow that is what I will be doing unless I decide to clean inside....hmmm what to do, what to do...

So rather than continue to ramble on and on about pointless stuff I will go for now and go read what others have to say!