Exciting Trip

I have had some dark days lately which is why there hasn't been many posts. The sad part is I am not sure why the dark days have been happening. I seem fine for the most part but then out of no where and all of a sudden I will be sad and down. Let's not even throw in there that it has still been really hard to not be able to text my Fav Cousin for support. I miss talking to him so much, didn't even really realize how helpful he was.

But the exciting part of it all is that my Aunt (his Mom), Mid Sis and me are planning a trip to Germany at the end of the year to go visit him (which is what the title is about)!! We are very excited, it will be so much fun the 3 of us and Fav Cousin!! His wife will be leaving for Afganistan in July so he will be there alone. Talking and planning this trip has made me feel so much better. I was very relieved when I talked to Hubby about it and he said that I would not have to take Logan with me, that he would keep both boys. I am not sure if I am totally ok with that yet cause Logan has only spent 2 nights his whole little life away from me. Of course, I know that there has to come a time that he must be separated from me and I have several months to prepare for that to happen!! I am happy that Hubby was all for it as I was afraid he would say it was too expensive or something like that. So yeah...I am pretty excited, just waiting to hear what Fav Cousin says when he finds out.

So hopefully the dark days are going to go away now!! I have to say as hard as it is to get used to, I do like the time change! Now the cold weather can go away for good and I will be happy as well. Hopefully in the next few days it is going to get warmer again!