4 Trigger Shots In 1 Shoulder

All I can say is my shoulder was an "ouch"...4 trigger shots to it was a "big ouch"...now that the numbing medicine is gone it is a "HUGE OUCH". But hopefully all this ouch will make the pain go away! Ever since that car accident that didn't seem like a big deal in Jan, my shoulder has been hurting. I see the chiropractor 3 times a week for it and today had a follow up with my regular Dr since the pain wasn't going away. He felt the muscle in my shoulder and all the ones attached to it down to the middle of my back and could tell it didn't feel good. His reaction kind of scared me at first as I thought something must have been very wrong. But he could tell by how "spasmed" (his word) the muscles were that it didn't feel good. So he advised trigger shots which have some steriod and numbing medicine in them to help relieve the spasm. So 4 shots later, it is hurting now but will hopefully make a huge difference over the next few days! I am prepared for it to be pretty sore tomorrow. As I am typing I have an ice pack on it, I don't like cold so well but it is what the Dr advised. I would much rather use heat just because I don't like cold, but oh well!!

So on a good note, we got our windshield replaced today and my wonderful Hubby's Dad vacuumed the glass out of the car for us! We are pretty much just back in business with that car, only few minor things like oil change, new wipers, new plugs and brake check that Hubby's Dad will do for us. It feels pretty good to get some of this stuff behind us finally!! It has been a rough start to the new year for us but hopefully it is looking up now!

We had a family night + Hubby's Dad tonight, it was fun! Nothing too exciting, went to dinner at my favorite Italian place then to Wal-Mart. All 4 of us don't go out to eat too much anymore so it was a really nice treat for me! I love doing things as a family, I am a real family person. It was nice plus while in Wal-Mart we ran into Hubby's Uncle & Aunt (Hubbys Dad's brother) so we chatted with them for awhile. It was a nice time, not to mention I got an IHome like stereo for my Ipod. I can play my Ipod on there and it plays thru the speakers rather than having to use headphones to listen to my Ipod. Hubby was really nice to me tonight!! Logan also got a pretty cool Hot Wheels track. We scored tonight by Hubby!! It was a fun night!!

Now I must get to bed with the aching shoulder cause Tanner is running in a race with his school bright and early in the morning! Good Night!!