Texting Withdrawals

That is what I am experiencing today!! Not from everyone, but my Fav Cousin who left yesterday evening (is that the way to say that??) for Germany to be with his wife who is in the Army. I can't text him any more except for through IM when he is signed on over there. There is also a 7 hour time difference to consider. I have not heard if he made it there alright as of this time but am hoping no news is good news. I am happy for him really, just getting used to him not being here for me to text all day is an adjustment!! I have checked in on my Fav Aunt to make sure she is doing ok as well. This is her oldest and she isn't working right now so is used to being home with him all day. She had a difficult time with it yesterday but seemed ok today. She just wants to hear from him to make sure everything went ok with his flight.

That is about all, just had to vent about my texting issues today!! Maybe I will get to post some cool Germany pics in the coming days!!