My Fri the 13th Birthday

Sorry I have been MIA for so long! It has been a rough week or more. Things have been kinda stressful since Hubby wasn't working so therefore not bringing home a paycheck. He did start a new job this past Mon so that is good esp once he starts getting paychecks. You know when you start a job it takes a few weeks to get your check. So with a different schedule comes a different routine which has been an adjustment for us. I was all geared up to do Not Me's on Mon and then our internet went out! It was gone for 3 days...Hubby and I were going crazy!!

Besides the new job for Hubby, I have to say that hopefully things are starting to look up for us. It has gotten pretty rough and seemed it was always something. Let me highlight what has improved...
- Logan's "Pikapa" (Grandpa) came back for a little while last weekend so that has been awesome for the boys!! He also fixed my washing machine so that I didn't have to go to the laundromat every week anymore!! I do have to say that I like taking 5-6 loads at a time and getting them done in a few hours but not having to take time to go and being able to do it here and there at home is nice!!
- We were able to get our taxes done so will be able to catch up on bills and such now!!
- Should be able to wrap this car accident crap up and get a new car in the next week or so!!

So yeah hopefully it will start getting better from now on!! But now to this lovely birthday of mine.....oh how I don't love getting older, in more ways than one. The biggest reason is it just reminds me of how much I miss Mom!! She always made sure our birthdays were so special it is hard to enjoy the day without that "specialness". I tried hard today to not be sad but it became overwhelming as the day went on. I found my obsessive self coming out to cover up the sadness. I spent a few hours scrubbing the kitchen this morning but at least now it is clean! Or should I say WAS clean...I live with 3 boys remember. It was an alright day besides missing Mom considering we have no extra money right now. Tanner picked out a cute cake while we were at the store so of course I had to get it! He was so thoughtful. Hubby promised that we would go to the car show and Monster truck race next weekend so I am happy!! Doesn't sound so appealing from a girl but I actually love going to Monster truck races!! This one is one that has been Tanner's and my thing to do every year. This time though Hubby is going as well!! Tanner is getting older where he really loves looking at the cars and is something that would be more enjoyable if Dad is involved. I like looking but that is about all. So I am excited to do that!!

Now I think that is enough for this time....I will try to not be gone so long!!