Cleaning House

Hope everyone had a nice Valentines! I didn't really but that is ok, it is over now!! Not all Hubby's fault, it was due to no money right now and he has been busy helping his Mom move out of our house to her own place. I am glad it is over as holidays/birthday are still hard for me. I would rather not have them at all I think. But it is over so hopefully now I will feel better. I have cried enough tears this weekend that is for sure!! I have also found out that I really do not do well when I am alone. I knew this was an issue before but I had hoped I would be better by now. I will continue to work on that as I hate feeling like I am dependent on others. Mom was so the opposite and I certainly didn't get that trait from her unfortunately. My Mid Sis tho is very much like Mom in that area, she is very independent and I admire both of them for that. I am trying to work on it...

I get to be busy today working on my house and moving the boys into their own rooms!! I am pretty excited as they both really need this. I am also excited to get most if not all the toys out of the living room! So that is what I am looking forward to today and since you know I am obsessive about cleaning my house it will be something to help me past this "down" time I am having this weekend.

Here is another cute picture of my boys....kind of like the one of Logan and Fav Cousin but this time it is both boys as we were walking home from picking Tanner up from school.