UGH...It's Back!!

My week ended pretty busy but it was a good thing!! After lots and lots of running around Fri for me and Logan, we went to hang out with some family and had a great time!! It was Hubby's Uncle and Aunt, they have 3 kids all close to our kids age so everyone had a nice time. The kids all played and had fun, while the adults visited and played a game. It was really nice.

Sat Hubby, Logan and I went to visit some friends of ours that live out of town. They are like the only "couple" friends we have so we love to go hang out with them. They have the cutest little girl, she is tiny and petite and well....just a girl!! I don't get to be around girls very often so it is fun for me. Actually speaking of being with girls, we left (as in the wives) the Hubby's home with the kids and went to get pedicures. It was really nice!! We then returned to have some very yummy taco soup, mexican casserole and sopapilla cheesecake!! Very good food!! It was a all around good time.

Now I would say that we had a pretty nice weekend and we did until today came around....after getting home late and finally getting to bed, I was woken early to Logan having a fever and not feeling good at all!! So today has been lots of holding and sitting with him, poor little guy. So the title is referring to the sickies are back!! Let's hope and pray that it stops with Logan but we all know that is very doubtful. Got to love winter time!! I surely don't!!

I am slowly but hopefully surely recovering from my little accident earlier in the week. I am really thinking that fibromyalgia is making recovering from sore muscles a little more difficult. It was no major accident so who would have thought it would take so long to recover. My shoulder, neck and back is still pretty sore, ok who am I kidding it is still really sore and hurts. I have been to and continue to see the chiropractor as well as had a visit with my regular doctor. I guess these things take time and I am sure it doesn't help that I can't rest that shoulder very much. It is my left shoulder and I am left handed after all plus a Mom, Mom's don't get to rest too much or the house falls apart, right?? I will get better soon I hope.

Speaking of hope, I have been really struggling lately with my depression and not feeling well. I am seeing that fibromyalgia and depression is just one big vicious cycle. I hurt and don't feel well which causes me to get down and depressed since I can't stand to just lay and relax but then the depressed and stressed emotions cause me to hurt more. So its a cycle that is hard to break. And let's also throw in there that if I exercise then it helps to feel better but if you do too much it makes you feel worse. My doctor advised me that walking for an hour is WAY too much for me right now. He wants me to walk for only about 15 mins at a time for now and work my way up. 15 mins is what a walk around the block?? My mind doesn't feel that I should be limited to such short distances, but that is what my muscles need to do to not be over stimulated. See this cycle that I am talking about? If you do and can tell me how to help it to be a better thing please help me?? I take any and all advice.

And I think I have rambled long enough, guess I should go walk my 15 mins....:( (that is how I feel)