My Wonderful Week

I am sure the title is misleading...cause this has NOT been a wonderful week!! Let's start with Monday...things were going pretty good, went to Wal-Mart for groceries, planned to come home and do my Not Me's then go walking after picking Tanner up from school. Nothing after Wal-Mart happened cause some lady decided to run a stop sign right in front of me!! Yeah, I was in a car accident!! It is NO fun let me tell you. This was my 1st one while driving but my 4th in the last 10 years. And let me also add that I am the one that always gets hurt!! Although I am not hurt badly my neck, shoulder and back are killing me. Not to mention our only car is totalled now due to the airbags coming out. And those things HURT!!! So for now we have a rental that insurance is paying for but once they figure everything out and finalize paperwork for our car we won't have the rental any longer... :( So we are going to have to go out and buy a car with the money we don't have. So has been a wonderful week!

The rest of the week since then has been figuring all this insurance mess out and going to chiropractor everyday. I hope that it is helping but at this time I have to say that I am in pain and hurt....can you be in pain and hurt too???

Oh let me also add that neither one of the kids were with me...thank goodness!!! It was just me. The other lady was fine as well, it was on a street that I was only going 35-40mph so it wasn't too severe of damage done. The reason I hurting more is due to the airbags and my fibromyalgia is aggravated from the stress I am sure.

It has made things for me a little hard since I was working so hard to lose weight and now can't do any walking until my back gets better. Plus it adds additional stress with the car issue.

Hope everyone else has had a better week than this....