Not Much Happening

That pretty much sums up what has been going on lately for me and the fam! We are trying to get back into the routine of things with school starting back this last week and the work week going back to normal. The 2 weeks of break and not much work really messed us up!! With having to get back into getting up early to take Tanner to school and Logan getting used to going to daycare on the days that I clean houses it was kind of crazy but we made it through.

The week started off ok except for not feeling too well on Mon & Tues but then Wed went on my 3 mile walk again. The end of the week didn't work out for going back on that walk and has kind of bummed me out but I am determined to go again. I was planning to go on Fri but had lots of errands and my legs were kind of hurting so was scared to do it since I didn't feel so well last weekend after going and a cold front moving in (one was moving in again Fri night). So I didn't then today ended up being much busier than I planned so maybe tomorrow I will be able to walk some. Not sure how cold it is supposed to be, may have to walk the mall instead. I love doing laps in the mall and watching all the people and window shopping. I just have to avoid the Disney store!! That is Logan's and mine favorite!!

Besides that, nothing new to report...I have noticed that I don't have as many "bad" days over Mom as I used to and am not sure how to feel about that. If I look at it positive then I think that it is good cause it would mean I am learning how to deal with it. But then I also feel sad and guilty that I am forgetting about her. It makes me sad when I realize that the day has gone by or even days without thinking about her. I don't want to forget her, I don't want to go on without her. She is supposed to be here and grow old with us and her grandkids. She didn't get to be a Grandma but to only Tanner. That is good for him but he doesn't have tons of memories of her like he is supposed to! Why why is cancer so awful??? K I am getting sad now...need to go text fav cousin for some uplifting while I still can...remember he is getting ready to move to Germany in the next week or so!! Then I will have to email or chat with him on the computer. Not as convienent as texting but at least I can still talk to him as often as I want!!

It will be Mon soon and I have to think of some Not Me's....see MckMama for that fun!!