Not Me Monday

So I am going to try my 1st Not Me Monday!! I love reading them and finally got brave enough to venture out and do it myself so let's see....

I did not just let Tanner have his dream break and play video games almost constantly. That would be bad to let him have so much playstation time.

Since I did not let him do that I also did not agree to letting Hubby put the playstation 3 in our room since our living room tv is broken so they could play together.

I did not put off cleaning my house until the weekend to only not feel well and still not get it done. I am obsessive about cleaning my house and would never do such a thing.

There are not too many I can think of for this time but it is the 1st time so I have not had time to think about it. Please see MckMama at for even better Not Me's than this!!