Yummy Dinner...Sickie Family

I have to brag about some yummy french bread pizza that Hubby made for dinner Fri night! He did an awesome job with it. He made 3 different ones- for the boys he made cheese & ham; for me he made hamburger, pepperoni and olives; for him he made hamburger, ham, pepperoni, mushrooms and olives. They were really good! The one pictured is the boys and mine. The picture doesn't do it justice for the taste! I think I may have him make them again tonight...LOL.

Last night I took the boys to go look at Christmas lights. They really liked looking at them when we could move. There was so much traffic at the first place we went that they got restless just sitting in the car. We went to a couple other other neighborhoods after the really congested place that wasn't so backed up. There were some pretty cool lights. It was L's 1st time going to see them where he really knew what to look at, he loved them. He was very grumpy and I couldn't figure out why...well when he woke up this morning I found out!! ANOTHER COLD!! Hubby has another one and T seems to be congested!! Great, Hubby and I are not over the coughs from the 1st round yet.

I was having problems with my muscles hurting since yesterday, it is yucky. Last weekend I was not feeling so well and I guess this weekend is the same. This morning I don't feel any better so far. That is all part of the lovely fibromyalgia...winter is not so fun for me. The cold weather is really hard on me especially if a cold front moves in. But I just stay on top of my medicine and try to take it as easy as I can all the while still being a mom/wife. So far I have been doing pretty good compared to last year when I was working full time. That was really hard on me and I had alot of awful days where I would sleep all day or not be able to get out of bed. I hope to limit those to not so many now that I am home and can take it easier, those days are not fun!!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and are ready for the holidays coming up really quick!