It's Friday!!

Well we made it through the nasty weather! Fortunately it didn't get too bad this time. The ice is gone and the weather is warmer, being in the 50's for now...I think the really cold temps are coming back this weekend with some more ice. Let's hope it doesn't get bad. My muscles are really hurting this morning so I hope that doesn't mean I am going to have a rough weekend. I was hoping to be able to lay down after taking T to school but of course that would not be the case, L was up waiting for me with his smiley little face. So I am up hoping it gets better so I can enjoy my day with him today. This is the last day of school before winter break, not sure if that is good or bad...LOL. I am looking forward to not having to get up early for a few days that is for sure!!

Not sure of what plans we have this weekend. Today L and I are going to visit his baby sitter and exchange gifts with the other kids. We usually go over to the guy's house that Hubby works with on Fri nights but they have had a stomach virus going around there this week so I don't think I want to go over tonight. Hubby seems to be getting a cold again and the other one isn't gone so there may not be too much happening.

I guess that is about all the update I have for today. I will be missing Christmas next week with my family so am not sure how I will be dealing with that...we shall see!