Holidays are Conquered...Still marching on!

Well I made it through the Holiday!! I am hate to say it but I am glad they are over!! I went to the store today and was happy to see holiday stuff on clearance. Does that make me a strooge?? I am not really...its just when you are not with family that you dearly love then you would rather it be over and are glad when it is. Why does there have to be soo much pressure on holidays anyway??? But I survived, actually didn't even do too bad. Hubby, the boys and myself hung out at home and cooked breakfast, then I baked some cupcakes that L and Hubby decorated, made some cookie bars that T and Hubby dearly love, made some little smokies cause they sounded good...then it was time for supper!! I didn't get out of the kitchen all day!! It made me realize 2 things very clearly: 1- I NEED a dishwasher and 2- I need more counter space...but oh well. We had a nice day just hanging out. Hubby and I played with the boys and had a nice day.

In other happenings of the household...L decided to be a big boy and threw away his "nite nites". His nite nite is his sippy cup but not just any sippy cup! It is the ones at Wal-Mart called Nuby that have the soft spout. Those have been the only ones that he would take since going off his bottle at a year old. I know he was a little old to go to bed with a cup still but you have to know L to understand!! But he did throw them away today and says he is a big boy now. So let's hope that tonight isn't going to be huge meltdown! One of the reasons we decided to do it today was because he always breaks the spout or they wear out after a little while and start leaking...he was down to just one as of Wed night and that one leaked all over my bed this morning!! We talked to him and told him he didn't need them anymore....we will see. He is a very persistent child! I am hoping that by not having the cup he will sleep better at night. He has done better the last couple weeks by only waking up 1 time but good grief he is 2 1/2 already!! I say he has done better because he was waking up 2, 3, 4 times a night for awhile. So that is the L happenings...

The rest of us don't have much going on. T is on winter break and loves it but that is about all. I will leave with a pic of L today as he was getting ready to take a nap. He likes to listen to music on the computer with the headphones while sitting on Daddy's lap when going to sleep. We were keeping that same routine today and he decided his puppy needed to hear the music too!! So cute!!