Still No "Nite Nite"

We are still "nite nite" free!! That does not mean that night time has been easy but we are on the road of no cup!! It has been an adjustment but he is learning daily that it is still gone. L has been a big boy this past weekend!! HOORAY!!

We have been making it a big deal that he has been a big boy and it seems the positive reinforcement is working. L has been my challenge of a child so far in his short little 2 1/2 year old life so I have had to do lots of research on different discipline approaches with him. So far anything I have done isn't working but the positive one is going good. I have also had to train Hubby on it as well. L has done really well with the cup situation, much much better than I expected! We got him a new track with little cars that go on it for being big. He loves tracks & cars so it worked out nicely for him! He also got a little frog to go in his beta bowl with his "fishy". He loves his frog and fishy. We make a big deal about him having that because he is big, it seems to calm him down when he starts whining about a "nite nite". We will get through it soon or at least I hope so! Next obstacle is potty training......that will be in spring when he turns 3. I think we will have a potty party when that happens. I have a friend that did that with her son and it worked out real well so maybe Mr. L will like it too! Will be perfect to go with turning 3 also huh??

Hope everyone has awesome New Year Eve plans...I don't but that is ok with me. Guess I am getting old, it doesn't seem such a big deal anymore...hmmm.

If anyone reads this....please pray and have my cousin & his wife in your thoughts as Jan comes. My cousin (who I talk highly about in other posts), his wife is in the Army and they are being stationed in Germany in Jan. They also believe that not long after they get to Germany that she will be sent to Iraq. Please pray for them that they make it over there safely and if she does get sent to Iraq that she will be safe!! This is such an experience for both of them and I hope it goes well, although I am sad for my cousin to go out of the states!! :( Please think about them on their military journey...Thanks!

Happy New Year to everyone!! Please be safe as 2008 comes to an end!!