Goodbye 2008

As I reflect back over 2008 fortunately there has not been too many drastic happenings...esp unlike 2006! That was one rough year with the only up side to that being my youngest, Mr L, was born. But for 2008 let's see what happened...

- I turned another year older...(just like everyone did :))
- I was "officially" diagnosed with fibromyalgia and had to quit my job at AT&T
- Hubby got laid off from same job
- Started cleaning houses for myself & then filed for disability as Dr stated it would be best for me to not work
- T went into 2nd grade
- T completed his 2nd season of flag football
- L is well still at 2 years old just L let's say!!
- Went back "home" to visit family!! In turn also drew me closer to Lil Sis & fav cousin
- Fav Cousin & wife started their Army Life together!
- And sadly in Bronco news...Coach Shanahan was fired :(

I should also add that I survived 2 years now without Mom. I would like to say that it has gotten easier but not too sure if that is true yet!! Maybe the 3rd year will get easier??

So onto 2009 we go...have I came up with resolutions yet?? No I have least not serious ones that I may really be able to accomplish!! We all say to lose weight which is one I would like to do but would like to be able to really be able to do it! Resolutions will be next time I guess!

HAPPY 2009!!!