Last Week Was Awful!

...I think the title says it all. Things have not gone so well this last week obviously by no post I guess. Nothing major happening, just one of those slap you in the face kind of weeks. It started off being really busy, on the go all day then from there turned to kind of a down time. Mom's birthday is coming up on Tues and that hasn't been too fun for any of us kids. My wonderful cousin gave me the idea to have a moment of silence and sing Happy Birthday that day. I talked to Lil Sis about it, who has been having a hard time and she loved the idea. She wanted to know if we could do it while she was at lunch and she would get a group of her friends to gather around and do it also! So it kind of turned into a fun thing to plan. We have decided to do it at 11:00 am mst Tues if you want to join along. I have text all my family and gotten lots of response back! Even though I will be doing it alone physically, all my family will be doing so I will also not be alone. Does that sound complicated enough?? I am kind of looking forward to it in a way. I also think I am going to get balloons for my boys that day and they can let them go. T has always said when he lets balloons go that they are going to Grandma Wendi, so I think we will send her some for her birthday!! Then I am going to beg Hubby to go eat dinner at Golden Corral cause that was one of her favorite places to go. That should make the day a little more bearable I think. If only I could be with my family to do these things with me it would be great, but I will try to make the best of what I have.

Since I am on the subject of Mom, I will tell about something that happened today that really pulled on my heartstrings! My youngest, L, who is only 2 1/2 so has not ever "known" Mom because he was 3 months old when she died. She did get to meet him before getting too sick which makes me so glad!! He still talks about Grandma Wendi from time to time by just either saying her name in songs he sings or playing. Today he said to me that he wanted to go to Grandma Wendi's made me really sad. I was not too sure how to really say anything back to that since he doesn't understand. He then asked me if she lives on the really long drive (which is what he associates CO with). I told him no she didn't live there anymore. It made me sad but then kind of happy at the same time. I have always been kind of amazed when he all of a sudden says something about her or is playing and just starts singing "Grandma Wendi, Grandma Wendi" over and over, can he sense her or something? Of course he knows her picture and will hear T and I talk about her but that is all. It makes me really wonder sometimes.

I will be back to let you know how her birthday went! And remember 11:00 am mst to have a moment of silence in rememberance of Mom- Wendi Badger...My Best Friend!!