Turkey Eating...

So Fri was a nice time after all! There was lots of good food of course and it was nice to talk to Hubby's Aunts and just socialize. Of course our boys had fun playing with the kids as well. My Hubby's 2 Aunts that were there are closer to our age so their kids are actually 2nd cousins even though they are close in age. It was a fun time though, unfortunately I didn't get too many pics but oh well. I am working on it and gonna make sure it is around me more.

Yesterday (Sat) I got to go visit my niece for a little while and play with her so that was really exciting for me!! I am close to her and have been missing her so much cause I don't get to see her. She is such a cutie and so fun!! That was a highlight of my day for sure!! I did get a couple pics of her and L together. I will try to post them later today. Hubby was gone last night to hang out with some friends and watch our Okla State & Okla game (our Bedlam game) so the boys and I hung out at home. We played some games and watch the football game together, it was a nice time. Today we are hanging out at home, I am going to be cleaning and doing laundry. We also get to see a Bronco game on tv today so will watch that as well.

Hope everyone had a nice long weekend!!