Birthday Review

Sorry for the delay...Tues went pretty good, actually a little better than I had expected. I tried to get through the entire day with no tears and almost did. But later in the evening when Hubby had to leave for little while, tears took over me.

Several of the family were able to do the moment of silence and sing Happy Birthday together. Even though we were not "together" it felt really peaceful! I was so surprised at how calm I felt during that few minutes. It was kind of neat experience. I think it will have to be something we do every year and maybe even on her death date as well.

That afternoon after T got out of school, both the boys let go balloons into the rainy sky. It was really cold and kind of sleety (is that a word??) out but we did it. I unfortunately didn't get a picture and was sad about that :( . My wonderful cousin even reminded me to take a picture and send it to him! (That is why I didn't send it cousin C, sorry!!) The reason for the letting the balloons go into the sky is because T says that if they are let go that they go to Grandma Wendi.

Evening came and I thought T, L, and I were gonna go eat without Hubby but he was able to go with us!! We went to Golden Corral for dinner as that was Mom's favorite place to eat, it was really yummy. We actually had a nice time together as a family which was nice. We then came home and that is when it started to hit me! I was able to stay mostly busy all day and looked forward to the moment of silence, balloon release and dinner. Hubby had to go look at a job with the guy he works with and that is when tears overcame me! I guess I didn't want to be left alone or something. I text some family and was able to feel better pretty soon. So that was the Mom's birthday in review! Not too bad I didn't think.

I forgot to add that Cousin C also gave me the idea to write a letter to go with the balloons but we didn't get to that in time. We also let balloons go in July on the day that we lost Grandma Wendi so I will remember that idea and use it then. Thanks Cousin C for all the awesome ideas you gave to help make the day extra special and easier to deal with!!