Icky Gross Weather

This week has been crazy!! Have I mentioned before that I DO NOT LIKE winter?? This week is a perfect example of exactly why!! I get up Mon morning to get T up for school, we get dressed, warm the car...my neighborhood is fine, go to school and noone is there!! It was closed!! I was so mad to have gotten up early for nothing. I turn on the news and I guess other areas of town have some ice, oh well. So off to the baby sitter both boys go cause I have a house to clean. I get there just fine, little ice on the way but no big deal (I don't like to drive in it so for me to say no big deal, really wasn't for me!) I get all done and go to leave only to get stuck in the neighborhood trying to go up a hill. So I bother Hubby who is playing basketball and have him come out. He has a friend bring him out and this is where the "fun" (NOT) begins. After a few minor heart attacks, let's just say that we got my car out but the friend's car is still there!! His will be sitting there until the ice melts. I have and still do feel so bad that this happened to him. Of course, he says "oh its no big deal!" I guess it isn't since at one point while trying to get out I thought we were headed head on with his car!! At least it is sitting there in the same condition he brought it in! It was an adventure that is for sure. And to mention that it wasn't that bad but since the neighborhood is full of hills it made it impossible for both of us to get out. Not sure how we were able to but at least we were. I think Mom was talking to God and really looking out for us yesterday! Thank you Mom, if so!! I was really praying and talking to her that is for sure.

Then today of course there is no school since it didn't get any better from Monday. Hubby also didn't have to work and the house I was supposed to clean rescheduled for later in the week. But my ever so nice baby sitter said I could bring L over for a "free" day to play cause he was a total grouch this morning. If you mess with his routine he doesn't function too well (kind of like Mommy, sorry L!!) so I took him over there for a few hours. I came home and took advantage of getting the house cleaned without him to be in my shadow the whole time. Hubby and T went to play basketball with some friends so I was all alone to be in my house cleaning!! I was totally amazed at what I could get done in 2 hours when it was just me. I don't get these opportunities too often so it was nice!! Then when Hubby got home I made him go look at ipods with me!! He promises to get me one by the end of the week. We then picked up happy L and came home. Hubby left again to go to friend's house. It was a nice day after all!!

Now just hoping that this gross icky weather goes away and stays away!! This state is nothing like CO. Things close and roads are not taken care of like in CO. Plus ice is way worse than snow anyday. That sums up my lovely week, let's hope school can open for the last 3 days before winter break.

I leave finally with a pic of 2 brothers that dearly love each other!!