Made it thru another holiday

I know that is not the best of attitudes to have but it is how I feel when waking up this morning. I was glad for it to be over. There is so much hype on holidays and being with family, that when you can't be with them, it makes it really hard. In the days leading up to Thanksgiving I thought I was going to be ok as I wasn't having any anxiety and was feeling pretty good. But then Thurs came!! Started off with L being a total terror from the minute he woke up. Followed by I thought I would make breakfast and that didn't work out. (A little about me...I am not into cooking too well and certainly can't "fry" anything!) I always try to be nice to hubby and make him breakfast sausage and it NEVER turns out like I want it to, always a little too black. Hubby is really sweet and says it is fine everytime tho!! :) I tried to make pancakes and for some stupid reason they kept sticking to the pan...I know I know it wasn't too hot, I tried that! So after 3 attempts and hubby tried once we gave up on pancakes. Hubby made the eggs which were of course good. So it was biscuits, sausage and eggs. I made the boys waffles (cause I can handle those!!) Then we all hung out at home, I mostly read blogs all day along with some cleaning and playing with the boys. I just felt bummed the whole day but tried to not think of it too much. I had that heavy feeling in my chest most of the day but fortunately no anxiety attacks happened. I tried to get hubby to help me with photo stuff on computer but football was on all day so he was busy with that. I just hung in there and didn't have any tears!! (Go me!!) I fought them back a couple times but none ever fell. I made it!! Hooray!! Fortunately I did have Lil Sis and Fav Aunt and Cousin texting me throughout the day and that helps more than it sounds.

Today we are going to hang out with Hubby's family for a get together. Not feeling too excited but it will be nice to socialize with others that I have not talked to for awhile. So hopefully it will be a nice time. I will be sure to let you know!

From reading other blogs, I have been motivated to do more picture taking so am gonna try that and hopefully post more pics on here since I have not added any AT ALL! So until then...