Nothing Exciting or Upsetting

Not too much happening...just didn't want my family to give up on reading my blog. Had a pretty low key weekend. I did get to go out with hubby for a lil while Sat night which was nice since we have not done that in a long time. We had fun. The time change was hard for me to get used to and I don't like it!! The rest of the week is going to be kind of crazy with a football game tomorrow night (let's hope for no rain), Thurs is Fun Night at school plus the Bronco's are playing. I am a fan even if they are losing! Not sure what is happening this weekend exactly yet. I almost forgot some pretty good news for my boys that happened on Sun..........their grandpa came back to OK!!! L is very close to his papa and was so happy to see him. Tomorrow morning he is going to hang out with Papa!! I am so glad cause there isn't anyone besides Papa that L will go with or stay with and I don't have to be there. He is very attached to me which I like sometimes but having to leave him is so heartbreaking. Not when it comes to being with Papa though, he could care less about me then....well maybe not that far! So that is good for my boys, kids need their grandparents I think. That is all for this time, I am still here....just nothing exciting or upsetting (thank goodness) happening yet!