Told Secret to Lil Sis

Today was just a regular, ordinary Thurs at our house, nothing real exciting or dramatic (which I think is good!) T did have a football game tonight and his team did win!! Good Job Vikings!! They have had a hard time this year but played really well tonight. My son played a few different positions tonight which he was excited about. He has mostly been either center (one who snaps the ball to the quarterback) or on defense. He got to run for some passes, quarterback and played some defense. He does really well and loves it so it is all worth it plus it wasn't cold tonight!! Yay for mom!!

So I have not been able to tell about a situation with my lil sis because she reads my blog but now that she knows I can tell. When my mom passed away she was cremated and all of us kids got "keepsake" urns which are smaller ones with some ashes in it for us to keep. Lil Sis and "Dad" (my step dad who is more like a dad to me) got one but Lil Sis also got a necklace that had some ashes in it. It was of course very special to her with tons of sentimental value. Well unfortunately she lost it and since that happened she has had an even rougher time dealing with things. She didn't even tell me about it until a few days ago. When she told me I just felt sick cause I could only imagine what that feels like for her. So I decided to do some checking with a funeral home here where I live (Mom passed away and was buried in CO) to see if that same exact necklace could be purchased for Lil Sis. The director at the one I went to was extremely nice and helpful and I was sure we had found the one. We discussed being able to "break into" my urn to get some ashes out to put in the new necklace. I had intended to do this and give to Lil Sis without her knowing but that didn't happen.....she is actually away in Texas with her high school band for the Bands of America competition and was trying to have fun with friends today but just couldn't. I was feeling really awful and tried to cheer her up but it wasn't helping much. I felt so bad and thought maybe if I let her know that it would help her. So...........I told her and she started crying happy tears!! Hooray the idea is awesome!! So I am going to replace her necklace for the same exact one (she wanted the same one for the sentimental reasons) and am sharing my ashes with extra special is that???? I am happy to finally be able to make her a little happier as I have tons of guilt for not living closer to her to be with her. Don't get me wrong we do talk or text ALL THE TIME (which I love...thanks sis!!) Now there is just one more secret that she doesn't know yet....................................(will tell later when she does) :)