Busy Week coming to an end

Wow am I glad that my busy part of the week is over!! It was kind of a crazy week for me. I am sure the weekend won't be boring but for me the "work" part is over. T was supposed to have a game on Wed night which was the same day for the chance of storms for us. The rain pretty much held out all day, we went to the field he was supposed to play on...his team practiced a little and warmed up. Right at the time the game was supposed to start then the lightning started so they cancelled the game. Such a waste of time to drive all the way across town just to turn around but oh well that is how they handle bad weather. So that didn't happen which was a bummer for T cause he loves playing. Tonight we had fun night at T's school which I volunteered to help with for a little while. It went pretty good, the boys got to play some games and win some prizes. L's favorite one was the Jupiter Jump although he got out of it before time was up. Guess he could only handle jumping or bouncing so much at a time....LOL. I forgot to mention that Monday night hubby and I went out for a little while again....it was nice and special to me cause Monday night football was on and there isn't much that gets in the way of football.

I had an awesome time last night chatting on computer with my Lil Sis for hours and hours!! Since we live so far away, that was pretty fun for me. We did alot of laughing, lot of times I couldn't breathe or was crying. It felt good to laugh like that, I miss laughing like that. That is a memory of Mom that I have. Anytime I would hang out with Mom or family that is what we do alot of the time.....just good ole laughing and having fun. See with Mom you didn't have to drink and party to have a good time, just plain talking and hanging out would have you in tears. That is something that my family always did was laugh and have fun. I love that about my family and miss doing it. That connection showed when talking with Lil Sis...as I pointed it out. We were just im'ing and were cracking each other up. I hope to do that more with her. I also found out that she read my blog and saw that I had another secret....(thanks Lil Sis for reading!!) Fortunately she didn't ask too hard about it so it still is a secret!! hehe....She will find out pretty soon tho then I can post about it. (It is hard to not tell her believe me!!) :)

I think that is about all for now....have been pretty upbeat lately and feeling pretty good so am waiting for the other shoe to drop. I am kind of feeling pretty crappy tonight but think it is due to weather getting cooler. We will see when morning comes. Until something exciting happpens or I can think of something else to write about I guess that is all for now.