Half of the House are Sickies!

Well 2 out of the 4 of us in our home are sick, one of them being the one I DON'T want sick ever!! I think I am pretty safe in saying that Hubby's don't deal with being sick very well (at least most of ones I know don't). So yeah, Hubby and L are sick with colds.

L is too bad besides of course sleeping at night, he has slept most of the night in our bed the last 2 nights. The 1st night Hubby offered to sleep in the recliner (which he likes to do sometimes so was a treat to him.) Last night I ended up on the couch which was far better sleep than trying to sleep with L constantly moving and kicking. So...besides night time he has been ok. He plays and is fine during the day. But when he sneezes we are running for the kleenex! LOL

Hubby is doing ok, he actually hasn't been whiny like he normally is. He has been grouchy which I would rather have whiny!! He may be working today, so that will be good for me at least, haha! Let's hope they keep the cold to themselves and not share with me or T.

Not too much else going on, our weekend was nice. It was pretty low key, I think. It didn't seem too busy anyway. I got some things done I had wanted to like taking our comforter to laundrymat to be washed.

This week should be ok for me, Thanksgiving isn't too bad plus we have some plans for the week and that helps. Hubby's grandparents are having everyone over to eat on Fri so we will be doing that. Hubby will be gone rest of the weekend after that I believe to hang out with a friend. He usually hangs out with his friend on Sat night and watches football games on Sun just about every other weekend (when friend doesn't have his daughter for the weekend). They are both playstation players especially Madden so they do that usually. I don't mind cause there could be other things Hubby could be out doing like going to bars. On the night that he is gone, the boys and I try to do something fun or even if hanging out at home will play games or watch movies together. It is our "fun" night. Even though I am home with them during the day and interact with them all the time, it is still special to have "our time".

On a sad note, I think Papa is leaving this weekend! :( L really loves his Papa and loves to have him around. Hopefully he won't stay away too long this time. I am also hoping to go out to CO during T's winter break so we will see him then.

I have been saddened this last week. I miss my family and have not been able to talk to my Mid Sis as she is having a hard time herself. When she goes through a hard time she closes up and doesn't talk much to anyone. I worry about her and want to be here for her, which I know she knows I am, I just want her to talk or text to me. I love you Mid Sis!! There have been other things going on too that really bother me but fortunately I have my aunt to talk to!! She is really my rock especially since losing my Mom. I am hanging in there though. I have also had some health issues going on that are kind of bothering me as well. I am not able to eat much at all without my chest hurting like an anxiety attack or panic attack. Not sure what is going on, I have been wanting to lose weight so maybe that is my body trying to help me!! That's what I like to think is going on anyway. LOL The middle of my spine has really been hurting me as well. Hubby is tired of rubbing it I am sure! Not sure why it is bothering me so bad either and it is different than the usual fibromyalgia pains or hurts. I hope it gets better soon as well. I am not sure if it has anything to do with my chest hurting or if they both are related to each other some how?? Anyway, just continuing to hang in there. That is all I can do right?

Well I think that is all of my thoughts at this time....hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!