The Holiday Season

I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to write this or I really want to write a sad post or a "down" post? But then that is what this blog is for right? This time of year was Mom's favorite, especially Christmas. She was all about getting together with family and having a good time. (That's where I get being a "family" person!) She loved to shop for Christmas gifts for everyone, she loved to buy special things for family. She also knew just the right special thing to get each one too! I am still not sure how she did that so well. I am so blessed to have gone shopping with her for everyone's gifts on what was her last Christmas shopping adventure! We had such a good time! I got to her house early in the morning on a Sat in Dec and we shopped and shopped all day until late that night!! It was so fun, she was so fun to go shopping with anytime!! We always laughed and had a great time. Now I don't like this time of year, nothing about it excites me. I don't like cold weather, seeing all the Christmas stuff is just a reminder of those times we don't get to have anymore. I know that shouldn't be the way I see it but that is how I see it. On a good note though, I am hoping to be able to go back home to CO in Dec to visit family again! That would be a good thing for me. My hubby doesn't celebrate holidays due to his religious beliefs and I respect that with our boys, so even that doesn't help with Christmas comes around. When I lived in CO I would go to Mom's on Christmas just to be with my family. I loved to watch my sisters & brother open their presents (even though I knew what they were). I just loved to be with my family is all. So with the holidays approaching, I will try to hang in there and make the best of it somehow. If I get to go back home, it will be so much better. If not Hubby and I do try to do something fun or at least a "date" day on that day to make it easier for me. So with all of your support and me getting it out on here, hopefully I can get through it without getting too down. Thanks so much for the support!! I would have never thought to be as old as I am that losing Mom would be so hard....I love her so much!