Where did I go???

Sorry it has been so long since I last wrote. After struggling for awhile with things then getting some much needed advice and support I couldn't think of what to say.....I still don't know what to say really.

I know with the colder weather coming that I am getting more anxious about things for several reasons. #1 being that I can't deal with cold weather too well with fibromyalgia and that is stressful when trying to be a mom to 2 boys!! #2 all the holidays that will come and go and I don't have family close by plus Christmas was Mom's favorite holiday.

I have to say since starting my blog have have been following a couple others that are always encouraging to me as they themselves are mom's with little ones. They seem to always be upbeat and able to deal with things so that encourages me to do the same.

Sorry there isn't much to talk about this time, just trying to get prepared for the cold weather that seems to be here whether I like it or not...haha!! I should mention that not only do I have to get used to it getting cold by my oldest son is into football and is currently playing his 2nd season of flag football. He had a game last night and man was it cold!!! So I have to somehow figure out to be a supportive football mom!! This should very interesting.

Well rather than keep on boring you with this lousy post, I will end it for now. I am still here, just trying to come up with what to say next but am feeling much better!!