Background on Me & my family

I am not sure if anyone besides my family reads this but just in case I will give a little update before just diving in daily. I am hoping to kind of use this blog as a journal of the daily adventures with my boys & hubby. If nothing else at least for my family to read and hopefully feel up-to-date just as if I lived close. Anyway....I live in lovely OK with my hubby, R, and boys- T & L. Those 3 keep me on my toes, not sure how others do it with any more kids. I would like to have a girl but hubby is TOTALLY against anymore so I have to be ok with that I guess. As I have said before, I live out of state from my family. Hubby has family here but we don't do much with them too often unfortunately. I am a huge family person and love to be with family. Anyway, I do know that no matter what my family is there just a phone call away (or text as lil sis always reminds me).

I do stay home with my boys and for the most part love it!! It has its times but overall I enjoy it. With my fibromyalgia it makes it hard for me at this point to work outside the home and also be the mom & wife I want to be. With winter coming, I expect it to be hard since cold weather really bothers me.

Hubby is working on doing his own business and is also doing construction at the moment. He works alot but I understand it needs to be done to build a business and help so I can be home. When he isn't working then he is usually watching NFL football or involved with his fantasy teams. This time of year is really busy for him because of fantasy football. It can get on my nerves but I am pretty used to it now that this is about his 4th year doing it. It is something he enjoys, so I am ok with it.

My oldest son, T, is in 2nd grade and plays flag football. He is your typical boy, pretty good overall, has is wild side that boys do. He for the most part will occupy himself or play with neighborhood friends. He does enjoy mom or dad's time and attention. He usually plays well with his lil brother but of course that has its moments as well.

My youngest son, L, is 2 1/2 years old. He has been my "busy" child as I like to call him. He is very much attached to Mommy. We are currently working on potty training. It has gone pretty well being that it has only been a day or so of seriously working on it. He could do it, I don't feel it will take long at all once he is wearing "big boy" pants all the time. Pull-ups are useless, he will go in them. It has to be big boy pants or his favorite outfit lately.........NOTHING. He has recently learned to undress himself and let me tell you, trying to keep clothes on him is a constant battle.

That is a little I feel ready to jump in blogging about my daily life and adventures!