Labybug Incident

Not too much been happening around here...just the daily routine. Take T to school, hang out & potty train L, pick T up, go to football practice...I had a particular incident happen today that has just amazed me all day. I am not sure how to think of it exactly, it gets into a deep subject that is still a mystery to me (religion/God). I do have to say that after reading a fellow blogger's blog (McKMama) I have to say that I have learned alot more. Anyway....let me just tell the incident. I was cleaning a house today (I do that from time to time for a few people since I LOVE to clean.) and had just about finished when a wave of sadness came over me from nowhere. I had been texting my lil sis off and on all day. I let her know of the sadness that happened and we were talking about it as it happens to her as well. I had a few tears falling (not full blown crying just some tears) and was loading my stuff in my car. All of a sudden a ladybug flew and landed on my shoulder. It stayed there for a minute or 2 and then flew away. As soon as it landed on me I looked at it and started to smile. Ladybugs remind me so much for my lil sis cause she loves them. I just really felt like a hug was sent to me and it helped my sadness. It was so amazing. Now where I get not knowing how to feel is that I like to think of it as Mom sent me that hug cause she knew I was sad but then could it be that God did that for me? Or is it that I am just crazy?? That is a pretty good question....LOL. (No hubby can't answer that last question!! :) )

That is the most exciting thing lately around here. The weather is warmer again (hooray!!) so we are trying to enjoy that. T has a game tomorrow night so I am glad to be able to watch and not freeze!! Not much else...going to try to have a "boys" night for T with a friend of his and hubby on Sat night, we don't do holidays (hubby's religious reasons) so there is no halloween activites for us. I was never much for halloween growing up just because I was too shy to want to dress up and knock on other people's doors (that was when it was ok do go door to door). I did take lil sis a few times until Dad got home to go with her but she did the knocking, I just walked with her and froze!

So tell me what you think of the ladybug incident...all insights are welcome!!